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Located at 575 Main St., Manchester, CT 06040 (Right Across from Mary Cheney Library), our restaurant offers a wide array of Chinese and Japanese dishes, such as Fried Wonton, Vegetable Fried Rice, House Special Chow Mein, Kung Pao Chicken, Beef w. Mushrooms, Moo Shu Pork, Salmon Cucumber Roll, Tro-Color Sushi, Red Snapper Sashimi, Gyoza.



Jeff M.

I ordered the kung pao chicken as well as sweet and sour chicken.  Both were very good...I have a different favorite nearby, but this was very good.  Also, the delivery was speedy and workers were friendly


Stephanie S.

First time trying this place and they  were beyond my expectations. Takeout sushi roll lunch. So good!! Eel cucumber, Tri Star roll, and spicy tuna.


Adam S.

They lost my online order and while trying to resolve this over the phone I was put on hold while the gentleman took other orders.


Lan K.

This is not my go to place for chinese (I like the rangoons at Main Wah the best), but it is my go to place for sushi to go. It is relatively inexpensive, always fresh and always delicious. Very nice people working there too. Never had a problem. Just be careful because there is a Panda King in Vernon. I've heard people go there only to learn they accidentally called the Panda King in Vernon hah.


Jason M.

I'm giving five stars because ostensibly, this is a takeout hole-in-the-wall. But I feel like the food being served is of a higher quality - like it should be dumped out of those plastic and paper containers, onto a plate, and served at a white cloth Chinese restaurant.I'm just really impressed with the value here. There are several Chinese joints I go to around Central Manchester, and many are good, but this is one of the best as far as cheap and quick goes. Roast Pork Lo Mein - the pork is tasty and edible, not rubbery and lifeless! Wonton soup was plentiful and filling too.I look forward to coming back and trying other personal favorites like General Tso's and Moo Shu.


Ken H.

The food was good I got egg drop wonton soup that was fabulous a must-try.the food is excellent here the egg rolls are great the service was great I definitely will go back


Princesa A.

This place is 6 minutes from my home and I usually get delivery. It takes them about an hour every time. However today they were having problems with their credit card machine so I drove to the restaurant to pay in cash. As I'm paying I realize that they charge a delivery fee if I pay with a card. It was also brought to my attention that they charge for every dipping sauce. It doesn't automatically come with my food. To top it off the lady at the register is so rude that I will much rather drive to newington to get my sushi then to order from them again. Customer service is everything.


Leah U.

I've never been inside the restaurant but I order delivery frequently and Ive always had great service and food. The prices are also great for the amount of food you get.


Steve R.

Full disclosure, I have never been inside of this restaurant.  I have, however, made Panda King my go-to sushi delivery restaurant for when I'm feeling lazy and want something a little healthier than pizza.  As far as sushi delivery goes, it's pretty much exactly what you would expect.  It's consistent, decent quality food that consistently arrives about 45 minutes after I order it.Given that I'm usually feeling pretty lazy when I place the order, I'm also pretty lazy about what I order.  Considering that the Eat24 app has a button to pull up your last order, I always seem to end up with the same two rolls (Spicy Tuna & Salmon Avocado), Wonton soup, and sometimes some edamame.  It's always exactly the same and I'm always full at the end of the night.  I definitely see myself keeping this routine once or twice a month for the time being.


xxx x.

Very very very rude customer service people!!!!!!Their food is average but i can't do business with anyone that treat their customers like they do.


Julia W.

As far as sushi lunch specials go, this truly is the best I have found. Now, hear me out. Panda King is no fancy pants establishment. There are no homestyle potatoes, or dumplings, or teriyaki medley options with their sushi lunch specials. Rather, they stick with the classics: miso soup, salad with ginger dressing, and your rolls. As a locavore vegetarian, I truly appreciate the hearty, full pint size portion of miso soup included in the lunch special. It's a great way to warm up, especially in these wintery New England months. The salad is served in its own container, with an overzealous amount of ginger dressing on the side, which is awesome. I always get their cucumber avocado roll, and the potato and onion roll, both of which come with eight pieces. That's right, eight. Not six. Eight. So for .75 for two rolls, or .75 for three, it is a fantastic value. The inside of the restaurant is sparse on furniture, and heavy on stuffed panda decor. It's a decent size space, but only has a handful of tables in the dark interior, which feels kind of awkward. But, I don't hate it. It's growing on me every time I go in to grab my to-go lunch. I'll have to slow down and actually have lunch in the restaurant sometime and report back. I can tell you that the people behind the counter are always exceptionally nice, and get my order right without fail. This is currently my favorite sushi lunch spot, for sure.


Carolina M.

Solid Chinese delivery. Taste good, timely, and consistent. Have not tried the sushi yet. Nicest delivery man in the Manchester/Glastonbury area


Jay W.

STAY AWAY!! Terrible food terrible service unclean environment... was a regular customer for years then it all changed food got greasy and the employees were very rude for no reason.


John F.

Best Chinese food in the area. General Tsos, chicken and broccoli, mei fun are all great choices


Jon R.

Have ordered 5-6 times- food is good. It's definitely not the absolute best Sushi I have had but good nonetheless.  The fact that they deliver makes it even better.


Joelle M.

AVOID AVOID AVOID! Absolutely awful customer service! Food is at best mediocre and when they deliver it to you wrong don't expect an apology, expect a rude person to argue with you over the phone and then just hang up on you. Wouldn't recommend.


No O.

Dont let appearances turn you away. Great and affordable sushi rolls. I could go here every day.


Lori D.

Two of us ordered delivery from the Chinese menu. We had a green salad, pork fried rice, boneless spare ribs, beef teriyaki, chicken wings, general tso's chicken, & white rice. First off, we live 2 miles from the restaurant & it took over an hour to get our food. I'm happy to say the pork fried rice wasn't oily but it was dry. Putting some duck sauce on it resolved the problem. The beef teriyaki didn't look or taste appetizing. The majority of the spare ribs were tender so that was good. The salad was missing tomatoes. I personally didn't eat the tso's chicken or rice but it's still sitting n the refrigerator a week later so I'm assuming it wasn't great either. I won't be ordering from the Chinese menu again but I will give the sushi a shot.


K. B.

After trying Panda King it's the only Chinese I order in the area.Delivery is quick and the order is always accurate. One time they forgot a can of coke, and the next time I ordered they brought a two liter for free. Try their crab rangoons!!!


Ladonna B.

New owners??  So much better. Delivery was prompt and delivery guy was pleasant. Sushi is good. We will definitely order from them again.

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